The Foundation’s work over 17 years has already seen more than 40 000 youngsters pass through our programmes, 23 800 attending for a minimum of three years, in 79 600 years of developmental training.

• In 2014, the Foundation trained more than 6 500 members, its highest annual total yet.

• 61% of Foundation members have been with us for more than four years already.

• All Field Band Academy students take internationally-accredited music exams and in 2014 they achieved a 100% pass rate, with fully a third of students receiving distinctions.

• Recent member research shows that the top three reasons for staying in the Foundation are:

o “To improve my lifeskills and become a better person”
o “The joy of playing and dancing together with others”
o “Learning to follow and be disciplined”.

• The top three lifeskills learned (as rated by members) are:

o Respect and teamwork
o Communication skills
o Discipline.

• Most members mention psychological as well as physical issues when asked to define “health”.

• 98% of tutors agree that they have a special responsibility to make females accepted in all sections of bands.