Field Band Education – Excellence and growth for life!

The Field Band Foundation has been running youth development and life-skills training programmes in communities around South Africa since 1997.

This education provides performing arts training and life skills necessary to create a critical mass of confident young people that can make positive choices about their lives. This is in line with the South African National Development Plan.

The Field Band Academy was established in 2009 as a residential integrated arts education on a campus in KZN, which created opportunities to create appropriate learning material and develop teaching methods. Today, Field Band Education is based in Johannesburg to offer various courses and workshops, as well as follow-up of the training in all bands throughout the country.

Field Band Education aims to give members:

  • gain internationally accredited music qualifications
  • share the responsibility for learning academically, socially and individually within a group context
  • undertake supervised teaching practice
  • upgrade their IT and communication skills
  • use the creative arts as a vehicle for their own personal and professional development
  • improve their leadership skills in order to become role models within the bands
  • develop entrepreneurial skills that will help them enter the world of work


Field Band Education results

To date, 129 young tutors were trained with the yearlong integrated arts and leadership Academy education.

Since 2012, 17 young graduates from the Academy received bursaries for studies at universities.

The Academy students have the opportunity to gain the internationally recognized Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music exams. This requires dedicated tuition, as well as self-motivated practice that instils important habits of self-discipline and commitment.

In 2015, the pass rate was 100% for theory exams, and for practical exams the result was the amazing 100% pass with distinction!

Vital social, emotional and intellectual competencies cannot simply be taught through classes of transmitting information. These skills sets need to be developed in a complex process of self-discovery and self-motivation that requires holistic and nurturing approaches. Emphasis is placed on stimulating active student involvement in their own education, and creating a values-based learning environment.

Meet Tshepo Tautshwane

Tshepo Tautshwane (24) comes from Kagiso, near Johannesburg, and started as a member in Field Band Foundation in 2006. He says that the band was always a safe place for him to be, and where he realized his potential in tuba playing.

He graduated from the Field Band Academy in 2014, and passed his exams with distinction on both practical and theoretical ABRSM exams. Today, he is studying music at North West University.

Tshepo says that he gained a lot from the Academy that he can take with him into the future development:

”I learnt to perform to be the best, always aim high, to push myself to get what I want in life and to use my skills to succeed”  

The Field Band Education unit is mandated by the Field Band Foundation (FBF) to foster self-empowerment and self-management and ideas of active citizenship amongst our youth using music and performance as a vehicle. The aim is to facilitate a process of contributing towards building our communities together through the opportunities gained at the FBF and beyond.


Excellence and growth for life!

“The skills learnt at FBA only serve as a tool and open your eyes to possibilities, but it is how you use them after that matters”  Sindisiwe Ngcobo (Band Coordinator)

To foster excellence through the development of responsible individuals

”I learnt to perform, to be the best, always aim high, to push myself to get what I want in life and to use my skills to succeed”  Tshepo Tautshwane (Field Band Academy student 2014)

The 5 core principles


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Our pledge

To deliver a holistic and integrated approach to education