Who we are

Field Band Foundation uses the model of American marching bands, based on the model of American marching bands that has been “Africanised” to produce a unique performance product combining brass music and dance movements inspired from a wide variety of traditional and contemporary sources.

We are a Section 18 non-profit organisation in terms of the Companies Act No.71 of 2008, with registration number 1997/002/009/08. We are also registered with the Department of Social Development as a non-profit organisation and with the South African Revenue Service as a public benefit organisations without members.

Organisational Background
FBF is a non-profit company established in 1997. In over two decades of operation, our programmes have evolved with the overall aim to foster holistic development targeting various economic and social issues faced by South African youth. We utilise arts (in the form of marching bands) as a catalyst to stimulate an empowered, self-confident and healthy community of band members and staff alike.

FBF’s Theory of Change (ToC)
Our ToC is the developmental model in which we situate our activities. It depicts the causal pathway between the capacity building of staff and members and the goal of empowered and healthy young people able to contribute to a vibrant society. FBF activities are designed to positively influence the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours of staff to enrich their social and professional skillsets. This empowers them to create an environment that fosters a heightened commitment to self-development and improved emotional resilience for themselves and the band members. These empowered individuals are then able to contribute towards stimulating similar positive changes within their communities

Our Values
The Foundation’s values were decided upon at the inception of the organisation and have since been regularly reviewed with members to ensure continued relevance and ownership.

These values are: Excellence, Discipline, Honesty, Empathy, Self-belief, Respect, Equality & Integrity

Long Term Impact
Development of empowered, healthy and self-confident young people able to contribute to a vibrant society.