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26 MARCH 2020

The Field Band Foundation is completely and proudly aligned to the principles and intentions of the President’s call for a lock-down from tonight until 16 April.

The primary focus of our preparations has been the securing of our assets: our young community project leaders who are the agents of change in their communities.

Tight lines of communication are in place to provide consistent and caring support to these teams who have also been provided with information, sanitizing equipment and other basic supplies. They are the face and soul of the Field Band Foundation in 7 out of 9 provinces and we hold them close.

Our core head office staff include our re-patriated Norwegian exchange participants who are still actively contributing to getting our organizational To Do list completed. Virtual working has translated extremely well into actual results. We have had encouraging communication from our national and international partners and firm backing from our committed and involved Board members.

Belonging to the band means knowing we all have a part to play. We intend to play the game and play it loud and clear along with our fellow citizens. Starting with joining in on a virtual platform to sing the national anthem tonight at 6pm.

We are ready. Will you stand with us?


Nicolette du Plessis (Ms)

Chief Executive Officer


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