Field Band Foundation Human Rights Day

Posted Wednesday April 03, 2019 by irene

Human Rights Day: Looking to our past to inspire present actions for contribution to a more equitable and just future

This year’s Human Rights Day fills the FBF with awe, determination and pride. We are inspired by how far we’ve come as a nation from the atrocities at Sharpsville to the current state of unification under the rich cultural tapestry that is today. We are determined to be part of the force which furthers the rights of our staff, members and the communities we touch and are touched by.

At the FBF, we strive for social inclusion as a basic human right: combatting social attitudes that fuel intolerance of difference and discrimination with respect to gender, sexual orientation and disabilities. This theme permeates all of our activities from staff capacitation, lifeskills to band members and stakeholder engagement through our steering committees. It is brought forward to promote these values throughout our immediate and broader communities.

Band members performing during the Human Rights Day event

On this momentous day, each FBF project joined together with members, staff and local stakeholders to open discussion on how to increase knowledge and awareness of human rights for more confident members who can be effective advocates for inclusive and tolerant living and learning environments.

The interaction and involvement of the audience made the day a success

Parents/guardians also had an opportunity to learn from the members how to play different instruments


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