A Ronnie Lubner Tribute

Posted Monday January 21, 2019 by irene

The Field Band Foundation (FBF)  joined close family, friends and business associates of the late Mr. Ronnie Lubner for a memorial service held on Thursday, 17 January 2019 at the Houghton Golf Club. The service began with a heartfelt performance from the Field Band followed by tributes from family and friends.

Ronnie Lubner, passed away in Plettenburg Bay on 27 December after a short illness. His beloved brother and co-founder of  the FBF, Bertie Lubner, passed away two years ago. Ronnie survived his wife Rhona by just a few months.

Ronnie dedicated energy and focus to his vision of enabling under-resourced South African youth by contributing towards education programmes and tertiary education bursaries for deserving individuals. More recently, this led to the establishment of a national Ronnie and Rhona Lubner Leadership workshop for our young band leaders. FBF will be proud to continue this annual workshop in his name. 

Ronnie held a special place in the hearts of Field Banders and always made particular effort to be present at our major national functions including the 20-year celebrations in 2017. He was characterised by his humility, warm approachability and sharp sense of humour

We are pleased our most recent memories are of Ronnie at the National Championships in Alexandra in October 2018, surrounded by members of his family and delighting in the achievements of our young musicians. 

We have been profoundly affected by Ronnie’s on-going commitment to the Foundation and are deeply grateful.

The Ronnie Lubner legacy will live on in over 6 000 young band members that enjoy the joyful and transformative power of marching bands.




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