The glory of FBF championships can belie their real achievement, and the foundation’s daily reality in faraway places. It’s true that our communities are under profound socio-economic strain, but that can also be trite – as the types and order of realities can differ markedly one place to another. Daily context can be very similar, and simultaneously stand-out different.

We think it important to share some of these Foundation Family truths.

Thanks to a grant by the De Beers Ponahalo Trust, the FBF was able to commission one of SA’s most thoughtful photographers of socio-economic imagery, Durban-based Angela Buckland. Ms Buckland spent some 24/7 time with various members of the three Ponahalo De Beers Field Bands that are found in Parys, Viljoenskroon, and near the De Beers Kroonstad diamond mine in the Free State.

She shared the full gamut of the days of individual band members and their families of differing context, including some of disability.

The resultant “day-in-the-life” portraits are drawn into phases whose starkness can hide their deeper revelations – but not for long. An unusual triumph, we are now witness to a deeply significant offering, every bit more compelling due to its empathetic curiosity, acknowledgement of limits to seeing, marker of telling nuance, and understated respect for subject, in quiet agape love.

We are delighted, then, to tell you that De Beers Consolidated Mines (DBCM) has generously included a professional exhibition of this important project at the De Beers-sponsored VIP area of the FBF National Championships on 20 February.

We thank De Beers for this. And we thank them for something beyond that, ingrained practice that seems deeply part of how they think and act, over years – a gently consistent and naturally interested care, wanting to better understand any particular needs of Field Band children of in associated communities of Limpopo, the Free State, and the Northern Cape. They walk some extra, unexpected miles with us, and it matters in many souls, often.

And now De Beers share this insight project with all of us. We strongly commend them, and it, to you.

Your VIP RSVP essential

Please note that being on this mailing list means that you were also sent a special invitation email on Friday 5 February to attend the De Beers-sponsored VIP area of the FBF National Championships, by kind name of De Beers Consolidated Mines CEO, Mr Philip Barton.

For various security reasons, only people who have replied via the electronic RSVP form on that VIP Invitation will be able to access this VIP lounge, brunch, and exhibition.

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De Beers CEO Phillip Barton

nike image 4The De Beers-sponsored VIP area and Insight Exhibition is hosted in the main building, and a roof-viewing area is also provided.