Manqobizizwe Ncala

Maskandi guitarist Manqobizizwe Ncala shared tips about this SA music type with Field Band Foundation tutors during an FBF leadership workshop on 23 June.

Ncala’s passion for the genre led him to begin studying the indigenous instruments used in Maskandi, and he taught himself how to build and repair them. He also runs a school where he teaches and passes on the knowledge he has acquired over the years about Maskandi.

Ncala says Maskandi can be defined in numerous ways and can be both a musical genre and lifestyle. He says it is a similar concept to that of hip hop.

Maskandi is about “being original, living your truth, knowing yourself as a person”. Ncala shared his thoughts on what this means practically in life, together with the values required to be living as an authentic musician.

The Foundation thanks Ncala for taking the time to share his amazing musical journey with us.