At the beginning of this year the Field Band Foundation announced its intention to reorganise its programmes and functions to deepen the impact of our work across the country.

The reorganisation has so far seen the enrichment of our lifeskills and academic training programme at the Field Band Academy in KwaZulu-Natal, the expansion of the reach of the PULSE! Music and Health programme, and three new Field Bands launching in the Northern Cape.

A key element was the introduction of event planning as part of our extended skills base. Successful public events organised by our management and members include an evening celebration of the Foundation’s teaching projects at Sandton Square’s Hard Rock Café in autumn, and regional performance championships held in Dordrecht, Kuruman, Thabazimbi and Soweto at mid-year.

Taking into account the pressures on our management teams, and also the year-end stresses on our young members, the Board and management of the Foundation have decided to move the national championships (traditionally held in October) to the first half of 2016.

We are currently finalising a Johannesburg venue, and will notify stakeholders via our website, social media platforms and e-zine as soon as final arrangements have been made.

We look forward to your participation and support at our new national championships as the Foundation continues to deepen its positive developmental impact.